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Stone Strong Specification

Welcome to our Stone Strong Specification Page! If you need information to specify a Stone Strong retaining wall, see below.

Stone Strong Specification Template - This is a full specification template, which would be part of a project specification package. Follow instructions in red text within this template to edit to fit your project.

Stone Strong Specification Note - See below for simple text to include as a note on a drawing to specify Stone Strong block.
  • Retaining wall blocks shall be manufactured by an NPCA certified plant. Retaining wall block manufacturer shall have acquired and maintained NPCA plant certification for a minimum of five consecutive years.
  • Retaining wall block shall be Stone Strong retaining wall block and shall be manufactured by a licensed Stone Strong dealer.
  • The face of the main block shall be 24 square feet in area with dimensions of 96”W x 36”T x 44”D, and used whenever possible, to maximize installation efficiency.
  • Main block shall weigh no less than 5,700 lbs.
  • System shall have a void, to be filled with aggregate during installation, to provide maximum drainage within the wall.
  • Where site conditions allow, Stone Strong big block shall be used in lieu of geogrid.

Note: For all details, CAD drawings are available at

Typical Cross Section Detail

Bridge Abutment/Wing Wall Detail

Components - Includes block drawings with dimensions

Cross Sections - Includes cross sections in various stack outs (be sure to verify availability of block components with our office)

Typical Details - Includes details for wall bases, wall base steps, top of wall steps, minimum radius - 24SF, minimum radius - 6SF, block transition, concrete tail extensions, geogrid orientations, fence sleeves, fence configurations, guard rail, parapet wall, dual face at top of wall, top of wall with sidewalk, cap unit, top of wall at wall steps, and optional geogrid filter

Corner Details - Includes details for inside and outside laced corners, 90 degree corners, 45 degree corners, and corner grid placement

Miscellaneous Details - Includes details for dual face light pole, grouted pipe outlet, cored pipe outlet, pond border wall, detention wall, spill way, concrete coping, moment slab, and bridge abutment section
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