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Specifiers: Learn how Stone Strong retaining wall blocks are the right choice for your project’s retaining wall! We’ve provided all the information you need to specify Stone Strong block for your next project.

Does your project have tight jobsite constraints for excavation? Are you reviewing ways to cut overall project costs? Then Stone Strong may be the retaining wall block for your project! First, watch the
video on our home page to quickly learn about the highlights of the Stone Strong block. Then, navigate below to find the information you need to specify and design a Stone Strong retaining wall.

Stone Strong retaining wall blocks are an excellent choice for both new retaining walls like the
Farm Bureau wall and existing walls where other retaining wall types have failed like the Midway Middle School wall. Stone Strong especially shines when site space limits excavation for geogrid since the Stone Strong blocks can be stacked higher than other retaining wall block materials without the use of geogrid or tiebacks. The University of Tennessee Engineering Quad Estabrook Road project is a great example where Stone Strong allowed the roadway to remain untouched when competing products would have required georgid to extend under the existing road adding significantly to project cost. Stone Strong blocks are large engineered retaining wall blocks, with a 24 square foot face area block. Setting 24 square feet of retaining wall in one block set significantly reduces the number of blocks to set and results in installation savings. Combined with reduced geogrid, backfill and excavation, Stone Strong provides a very competitive retaining wall.

As a service to our customers, we coordinate professional geotech engineering services if required. We typically work closely with the specifier, engineer or architect, installer and owner by providing feedback about block stackout, installer capabilities and owner preferences to optimize the wall in terms of design, installation and schedule. Our office can also help with preliminary review to determine project feasibility and budget.

Take a look at
Stone Strong’s photo gallery for project examples.

Product Information - Click here for information to share with the project owner or decision maker.

Specification - Click here for information needed to specify a Stone Strong retaining wall.

Design - Click here for information needed to design a Stone Strong retaining wall.
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