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Installers: Learn how Stone Strong block can help save labor, time, and material on your next retaining wall project!

How can we claim Stone Strong retaining walls install faster? Stone Strong retaining wall systems utilize blocks up to 24SF face area so an installer can set 24 sq. ft. of retaining wall in one block set! It takes the same amount of time to set one block, no matter the size. An installer can set more square feet of wall at a time, and the total number of blocks to set is significantly reduced. In addition to the excavation and backfill savings due to increased gravity wall height without tiebacks, a Stone Strong block wall can offer an installer a significant competitive advantage in a bid if the installation advantages are considered.

Midway Middle School - video highlighting install of Stone Strong wall from demo of existing retaining wall to finish of Stone Strong installation

Stone Strong is approved by TDOT as a precast gravity wall product, and the Stone Strong  system has undergone an evaluation by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC) to verify conformance with AASHTO standards and specifications.

How do the Stone Strong block stack out? It is extremely important to get your base course level just like any other retaining wall. The Stone Strong block have lifting alignment loops that allow each course to quickly stack on the course below it. There’s no need for adjustment. The setback is built in.

Typical Base Detail

Typical Cross Section Detail

Stone Strong retaining wall block have three standard sizes - 24SF, 6SF and 3SF. Component blocks to finish out ends, tops and corners are also available.

Block dimensions and weights for the standard blocks and big blocks:
24 SF Block (96"W x 36"H x 44" D), 6000 lbs.
6 SF Block (48"W x 18" H x 44" D), 1600 lbs.
*New 6-28 (48”W x 18”H x 28”D), 900 lbs. (6 Face Square Feet)
3 SF Block (24"W x 18" H x 44" D), 800 lbs.
24 Mass Extender (96"W x 36"H x 56" D), 10,000 lbs.
24-86 Block (96"W x 36"H x 86" D), 7,600 lbs.

Big blocks are available to be used on the base course to eliminate geogrid in walls up to 9 - 15 feet tall. Think about that for a minute. No geogrid = less excavation and less backfill = schedule, material and labor savings!

The 6-28 block is a smaller block ideal for small walls and landscapers due to its shorter 28" depth and reduced weight.

Stone Strong systems has a special top block with an angled front face. This eliminates the cap block and allows the backfill to be pushed to the front edge of the block. Dirt, landscaping, mulch, or a concrete pad or sidewalk can be used to finish off the top of the wall. If a fence or guardrail is required, fence sleeves can easily be inserted in the block void during install to allow for easy installation of a fence after the wall is complete.

For local jobs within 50 miles of our facility, Barger and Sons provides on-site technical support as needed and aerial video and photography (if possible) to document jobs.

Stone Strong Field Construction Manual

Stone Strong Installation Video

Stone Strong Installation with Geogrid Video

Fence Installation Detail

Guardrail Installation Detail
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