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Stone Strong Retaining Wall Blocks

Welcome! Barger and Sons is the licensed Stone Strong manufacturer and dealer for the State of Tennessee and some surrounding areas. Stone Strong is a large engineered retaining wall block. Want to learn more? Watch our short video below to quickly review the highlights of the Stone Strong system, then click the appropriate tab if you are a Specifier, Installer or Owner. We encourage you to check out our project photos, videos and case studies to see the variety of applications and landscapes where the Stone Strong retaining wall blocks have been used.

You’ll never see it, but rest assured, Stone Strong block are holding back the mountain with walls approaching 50 feet tall and terraced walls approaching 70 feet on the beautiful
Federal Highways Foothills Parkway project, slated to complete construction in 2017, in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Stone Strong Vs. Other Retaining Wall Materials
  • Stone Strong has three standard sizes - 24 square foot, 6 square foot, and 3 square foot block faces in addition to component block.
  • Stone Strong retaining wall block can be stacked higher than other block types without the use of tiebacks or geogrid.
  • Voids in the Stone Strong block add strength when filled with rock in-fill and act as built-in internal drainage.
  • The size and design of the Stone Strong block offers installation and labor savings compared to other retaining wall blocks and pour in place concrete walls.
  • The available face patterns create a beautiful wall that fits nicely in our southeastern landscape.


Example uses of the Stone Strong retaining wall block include landscaping and residential projects, commercial projects, box culvert wing walls, bridge abutments, bank stabilization, pond border walls, roadway expansion projects, and many others. Stone Strong’s
photo gallery showcases many different applications for Stone Strong block.
Stone Strong Retaining Wall Highlight Video
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