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Project Owners and Homeowners: Learn how Stone Strong block can create a safe, long-lasting, beautiful wall and save you money!

Are you looking for a new retaining wall or a more reliable material to replace a failing retaining wall? Stone Strong block is a great choice!

As an owner, why would you choose Stone Strong retaining wall block?

Aesthetics - Stone Strong blocks create a beautiful retaining wall. Just check out Stone Strong’s photo gallery.

Peace of Mind - As an owner, you want something reliable and long lasting. Stone Strong blocks are BIG, engineered retaining wall block. The 24 square foot standard block weighs 6,000 lbs! The blocks are BIG, but when stacked they offer a face pattern that looks like smaller stacked block. The blocks have been designed with a built-in void filled with aggregate during install. This aggregate creates additional connection strength and acts as internal drainage. Stone Strong blocks will stand the test of time.

Cost - Currently, our most economical face pattern is the chiseled granite shown below. Stone Strong wall installers can save on labor, time, backfill and geogrid material when compared to installations of other wall materials. When finished wall cost is compared, Stone Strong is very competitive.
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As an owner, we encourage you to become educated on the Stone Strong block to learn its many advantages for your retaining wall. The video on our home page is a great place to start!

Other information and details that might be of interest include:

Block dimensions and weights for the standard blocks and big blocks:
24 SF Block (96"W x 36"H x 44" D), 6000 lbs.
6 SF Block (48"W x 18" H x 44" D), 1600 lbs.
*New 6-28 (48”W x 18”H x 28”D), 900 lbs. (6 Face Square Feet)
3 SF Block (24"W x 18" H x 44" D), 800 lbs.
24 Mass Extender (96"W x 36"H x 56" D), 10,000 lbs.
24-86 Block (96"W x 36"H x 86" D), 7,600 lbs.

Midway Middle School - video showing failed wall replaced with Stone Strong block

Typical Cross Section Detail - Pay close attention to the top block. The front face is angled to allow for backfill dirt, landscaping, gravel or concrete to finish off the top of your wall.

Fence Installation Detail - Local codes require a fence? No problem. With the built-in void in the Stone Strong block, fence sleeves are easy to install so fence posts can be set quickly after the wall is complete.

Contact us! We are always happy to discuss how the Stone Strong block might work for your particular application! Also, you are welcome to visit our office to see the Stone Strong block or schedule a site visit.
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